What is FUM TIME?

FUMTime represents a new way of working. Gone are the days of the nine-to-five and conventional hiring models. FUMTime introduces a real-time platform of opportunity makers through its website and mobile app. The launch of FUMTime brings users to a new chapter in which real-time hiring, getting hired, and managing a freelance team through a smart device becomes realistic and easily accessible. The name “FUM” is inspired from a phrase “Free Your Mind” originated from the movie Matrix (1999), which encourages the opposite of the deep-rooted reluctance to CHANGE that is to break free and explore new ways in life. The mission of FUMTime is to present a new revolutionary era of work that is fun, passion-driven, exciting, and continually creating opportunities for users like independent freelancers, moonlighters, startup founders, temporary workers, and like-minded users  

Why should I use FUM TIME?

FUM TIME is not only a freelancer platform, but also a innovative social business network. You can build your business profile and post your business social photos; add business contacts and meet business partners.

It is a platform can social networking, making money, and discover more fun.

What is the first step before I post/apply/manage a project?

Eager to start your new journey? Be patient, this is a very important step.

Go to ‘Account’ and ‘Setting’ on home page, create your profile, fill up your education, skills, experiences, and contact information. The more detailed you fill up, the more change you get connect.

How do I post a project?

Looking someone to help? Let’s started!

  1. Select “looking for hire” button at home page.
  2. Name your project title.
  3. Need Manager or no.
  4. Select your city.
  5. Enter the salary you want to pay for the project.
  6. Follow the questions, Complete details of project and “SAVE”.


How can I find a project to work for?

Start your work-life balance journey with FUM? Fantastic!

You have TWO options:

  1. Select “MAP” on home page, looking available projects NEARBY.
  2. Select “LIST” on home page, looking ALL available projects.
  3. Select the project you want to work for.

Only ONE CLICK-”APPLY NOW”, your profile will be sending to employer. Good luck~

How can I manage a project?

Manage a project, you need to build your team. If you want to earn commission and build up your own social business network, let’s get start!

  1. Select ‘apply as a manager’ on home page.
  2. Describe your team.
  3. Select your team members.

Apply management required project depends on your interest.

How can I manage a project?

Want to make sure the person applying on your job is the right fit? We recommend always to view their profile before accepting their offer. There you can see their rating, written reviews, number of Projects completed, past jobs and more! With that information choosing the right candidate will be easy.

Let’s show you how to view someone’s profile:

  1. Select the “Listing” on the navigation bar to open ‘My Projects’.
  2. Make sure ‘OPEN’ projects is selected, then select ‘View Details’ on the project.
  3. Select ‘Review Offer’ on the profile you’d like to see.
  4. Select ‘View Profile’.

How do I accept an offer?

Found the right person to complete your project? Great! Here’s how you accept their offer:

  1. Select ‘Listing’ on home page.
  2. Click ‘Hiring’ and select the job you want to accept an offer for.
  3. Find the person you’d like to select for the job and select ‘Review Offer’ to open the ‘Offer Details’ screen.
  4. Press ‘Accept offer’ then ‘Confirm’.

That’s it! You’re set! Expect to have your project completed on the time specified for the job.

Is this safe?

Our app is much safer than conventional ways of getting services. Here’s why:

– Anyone applying on your project, is verified by their mobile number, ID and email address. This way you’ll know exactly who’s coming to complete the job and we’ll have a record of it.

-You can view the profile of someone applying on your project before even accepting their offer. You can view their past jobs, rating, and written reviews. This way you can choose the best person for the job at the price you’re willing to pay.

-You don’t have to exchange any cash. All payment can be done through the app securely and seamlessly. We hold the payment until the job is complete. Payment is released once when you’re satisfied and you mark the job complete.

-Aside from the payment from the project, the other incentive to provide great quality service is having a positive review. We believe in transparency, so reviews are accessible to anyone.

We’re giving you peace of mind that didn’t exist before. You can go ahead and wave goodbye to how business used to be done.

When do I get charged?

You only get charged once you accept an offer and confirm.

How do I get paid?

You need to save at least one credit or debit card to your account. You can add more than one, but the first card you add will be the default card used to pay for leads.

Add a card:

  1. Select ‘Wallet’ on home page.
  2. Select Add a card.
  3. Enter your card information and select Add card.

You’ll see a message letting you know you’ve successfully added your card.

A few extra tips about payments:

  1. To remove a card, go to your Wallet and click Delete.

    We use Stripe to process all credit card transactions. Learn more about how Stripe protects your information.

    Your credit card or bank statement may show charges from Stripe. The charges will update automatically (usually within 48 hours) to show they’re from FUM TIME.


The job wasn’t completed to my satisfaction, what should I do?

Please advise that employers have to take their own responsibilities about worker’s work.

We highly recommend employers compare multiple applications before giving offers.

If there is further problems, please contact our support team in 24 hours after the project was done, it may get into appeal process when needed.

Nobody showed up for my job. What should I do?

It’s recommended to try to reach out the person tasked to complete the Project first.

If the worker does not show up, employer can appeal for right, workers may get penalty charges.